Active Sync on Android.

Setting up Microsoft Active Sync on Android.

· Go to settings
· Go to “Cloud and accounts”
· Go to “Accounts”
· Go to “Add accounts”
· Go down to “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync”
· Enter your Office 365 log info (e-mail,, and password)
· You should get a “Remote security admin,” pop-up touch “OK”
· On the next screen make sure Sync contacts, calendar, and task are on, slider to the right.
· Then touch “Next”
· On the next Screen touch “Activate”
· On the Next Screen Touch “Done”

You contacts should sync within 24 hours, feel free to contact us with any questions.
Creation date: 8/3/2017 11:03 AM     Updated: 8/3/2017 11:03 AM
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