PowerWashing a Chromebook

Power Washing a Chromebook
Posted by Chris Srader on 12 June 2015 03:38 PM
Wiping a Chromebook and re-enrolling it.
  • To Wipe all user data from the Chromebook, takes about 2 minutes...
    • Press ESC + reset (usually 4th button on top row, looks like an arrow in a circle) + the power button
    • when it reboots, you should have the yellow exclamation point, press ctrl + d
    • press Enter
    • press the spacebar
    • press Enter
    • The Chromebook now will reboot to factory defaults
  • You will have to manually connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • User GOAL Academy Staff Password is N3tw0rk5!
  • After it logs on to a network and checks for updates, the computer will have to be re-enrolled, you should see the “Chrome > Enterprise enrollment” screen. If not, press ctrl + alt + e, to get to the enrollment screen, before signing into the computer. Do not issue a computer that has not been enterprise enrolled.
    • To enroll the Chromebook in to Goal domain
    • email = cba@goalac.org
    • password = goal1234
  • ***The first time you log in, after a reset, you will be notified that your password has changed. Please click the link that says “Can’t remember old password?” and then click the “Proceed Anyway” button. That should not show up again.
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